Bio Mobitek offers chimneys, which are produced according to standard EN 13084 (steel, isolated self-supporting chimneys).

Chimney is produced of Cor-Ten A steel, AISI316L or DUPLEX. Client selects material. Chimney has a ladder to the top with a safe channel in order to fix safety belt.

Isolated self-supporting chimneys with one chimney or several chimneys are provided, in order to remove flue gas from hot-water boiler into the atmosphere.







Chimneys consist of one of several isolated chimneys and external body. Height of the chimney can be from 6 to 50 meters and diameter – from 200 up to 600 mm. Height and diameter are determined by the output of the chimney. Chimney can be made of one or several details. External body usually is made of S355 steel, interior chimneys are made of CorTenA steel, S355 or stainless steel (client’s choice and in accordance with technical regulations). Chimneys are isolated with rock wool. Brackets, which fix maintenance ladder with safe channel, are welded to the body of the chimney. Maximum flue gas temperature cannot exceed 200 С.



Modular tubes are usually used in small systems. Interior tube is made of stainless steel; it is isolated and covered with stainless sheets from the outside. These tubes are fixed to the wall of the boiler room and are not high and are not large in diamater.