Modular BIO boiler plants 150 kW-5 MW

Modular boiler plants manufactured by Bio Mobitek Ltd— it is an integrated turnkey solution. Boiler module is supplied as an integrated solution, which is modified in accordance with wishes, needs, and technical provisions of the Customer.

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Advantages of the integrated solution of the modular boiler plants manufactured by Bio Mobitek:

  • Wide output range (150 kW — 5 mW)
  • Wide range of biofuel with different quality levels, different factions and humidity
  • Fuel humidity content can reach up to 55%
  • Competitive price, low operation and maintenance costs
  • Short delivery and launch terms
  • Technical equipment and delivery — in accordance with the needs and technical provisions of the client
  • High level of production of modular boiler rooms. Errors are kept at the minimum
  • Integrated installation, launch, training, and high level operational maintenance service
  • High automation level
  • High efficiency
  • Long functionality
  • High mobility of the boiler installation
  • Low waste level, which corresponds to regulations

We offer an integrated solution of the boiler room as a separate module with modular storage or without it. Based on modern section development, modular solutions are more widespread, they are installed as close to the customer as possible, which ensures low construction costs of heat production entities and low operation and maintenance costs. In case of automatically controlled modular bio boiler rooms, we ensure high efficiency of the boiler and its long functionality. Throughout the operating life of the boiler we ensure operational maintenance service in accordance with the needs.