Who we are

Bio Mobitek develops, produces, and installs boiler systems, which use biomass as fuel. We supply mobile and stationary systems from 150 kW up to 10 MW, which have been developed and built on individual projects depending on customer preferences.

Bio Mobitek produces ecologically pure, technical, energy and industrial equipment, which uses long-term experience, which has been received during the process of production, operation, and development of the equipment. Range of our products and sales is sufficient, in order to ensure quality experience of your integrated solution. We have combined integrated unit with the newest technology, long-term experience, and operational maintenance service of the highest level.

We offer fire-tube hot-water boilers using bio fuel 150 kW – 10 MW, and corresponding additional equipment for boilers, equipment for fuel supply, ash removal, and equipment for flue gas cleaning. Amongst the range of products and sales by Bio Mobitek you will find equipment for storage, feeders for bulk materials, conveyors, and technological operational equipment. Our range of products is based on integrated turnkey solution, in which minimum operation and maintenance costs are combined with small demand in maintenance and safety of work.

In energy sector target group of our enterprise are fields, which are related to central heating and industry (local governments, which control the real estate property of the enterprise, industrial and agricultural enterprises, industrial parks, heat producers, etc.), and clients of local heating with proper volume of consumption.

In case of operational process equipment for bulk materials, our partners are energy, industrial, and chemical enterprises, waste reduction facilities, and manufacturers of construction materials.