Project Taattu 350 kW on site!

Our next project left our facility and went to the happy customer.

Project name – Taattu

Product – PowerCont – boiler in “turn key” module 

Boiler – BMT Power 350 kW

Fuel storage – build in, 64 m3, wood chip

Customer – chicken farm

Another happy customer  😀



Bio Mobitek and Adven Eesti signed a contract

Bio Mobitek and Adven Eesti signed a contract for the supply of boilers with a total capacity of 2 MW in the village of Loo, Estonia.

This is the first contract for Bio Mobitek company in Estonia market. Сongratulations!


Elmia Exhibition in Sweden

Meet Bio Mobitek on Elmia 2015 this Friday/Saturday with Hjo Varmeteknik. Come on and buy your heat 🙂


05/08/2016 Project ETA Norra has gone to the customer

Another happy customer.

09/May/2016. Exhibition in Sweden Emmaboda Flygbanna 13-14th of May 2016

Bio Mobitek and HJO Varmeteknik taking a part in Emmaboga exhibition on 13-14th of may 2016.

We going to present our module bioboiler systems. You can find us on place #97. Come and have fun with us!!!!

19.04.2016. Measurements of emissions 3 mW modular system. Project Laihia, Finland

19.04.2016 made measurements of emissions Modular Bio System Laihia, Finland. Year of installation – 2014.

3 Mw emissions

Power – 3,2 MW
Fuel – wood chip
Fuel moisture – 48%
Emissions –
O2 – 6.4%
CO – 6 ppm
COx – 9 ppm
Efficiency – 97,4 %


01.02.2016 Martin project. Modular PowerCont boiler room 250 kW commissioned.

PowerCont boiler room 250 kW commissioned.

Martin 250 project.

This project has been completed together with our partner from Sweden — Hjo Varmeteknik www.hjovarmeteknik.se





26.02.2016 Sweden Backgarden 999 kw. Open day.

On 26.02.2016 at 10 A.M. (local time) open day will take place at one of our completed sites in Sweden – Backgarden 999 kw.

This project has been completed together with our partner in Sweden — Hjo Varmeteknik www.hjovarmeteknik.se


Short technical discription

Project:           Backgarden –Sweden – 1 Mw module + storage equipment
Power:     999 кВт
Contry:           Швеция
Year:                  2015-2016
Supply terms:

  • Burnerwith movable grate capacity of 999 kW
  • Vertical heat exchanger 999 kW
  • Modul with sizes 12м*4м*4м
  • Fuek storage – 2 lines of walking floor 10 m long. Construction on site.
  • Conveyor
  • Fuel – wood chip. Hymidity 30-55%
  • Multicyclone
  • Chimney 16 m long
  • Bunker for automatic disposal of chickens
  • Purpose – Heating chicken farm               







In January 2015 we will launch 3 MW biofuel boiler plant in Laihia, Finland

Complete solution consists of 3 MW container boiler plant. Main fuels include milled peat and wood chips

EU Certification issued certificate of Conformity EE101509581 to Bio Mobitek OÜ.