BIO boilers 150 kW - 10 MW by

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1,5MW Bio Boiler to Sweden

Today Bio Mobitek send bio boiler house 1.5 MW in Sweden! The boiler house will heat the chicken farm.

Mobile boiler room

Bio Mobitek delivered the mobile boiler house to the custemer on Monday, and on Thursday afternoon we start up!

750KW Boiler house installed

Bio Mobitek finished and delivered  boiler house 750kW to our customer in Finland.

Project Taattu 350 kW on site!

Our next project left our facility and went to the happy customer. Project name – Taattu Product – PowerCont – boiler in “turn key” module  Boiler – BMT Power 350 kW Fuel storage – build in, 64 m3, wood chip Customer – chicken farm Another happy customer  😀  

Bio Mobitek and Adven Eesti signed a contract

Bio Mobitek and Adven Eesti signed a contract for the supply of boilers with a total capacity of 2 MW in the village of Loo, Estonia. This is the first contract for Bio Mobitek company in Estonia market. Сongratulations!

Elmia Exhibition in Sweden

Meet Bio Mobitek on Elmia 2015 this Friday/Saturday with Hjo Varmeteknik. Come on and buy your heat 🙂  

09/May/2016. Exhibition in Sweden Emmaboda Flygbanna 13-14th of May 2016

Bio Mobitek and HJO Varmeteknik taking a part in Emmaboga exhibition on 13-14th of may 2016. We going to present our module bioboiler systems. You can find us on place #97. Come and have fun with us!!!!

19.04.2016. Measurements of emissions 3 mW modular system. Project Laihia, Finland

19.04.2016 made measurements of emissions Modular Bio System Laihia, Finland. Year of installation – 2014. Power – 3,2 MW Fuel – wood chip Fuel moisture – 48% Emissions – O2 – 6.4% CO – 6 ppm COx – 9 ppm Efficiency – 97,4 %  

01.02.2016 Martin project. Modular PowerCont boiler room 250 kW commissioned.

PowerCont boiler room 250 kW commissioned. Martin 250 project. This project has been completed together with our partner from Sweden — Hjo Varmeteknik www.hjovarmeteknik.se    

26.02.2016 Sweden Backgarden 999 kw. Open day.

On 26.02.2016 at 10 A.M. (local time) open day will take place at one of our completed sites in Sweden – Backgarden 999 kw. This project has been completed together with our partner in Sweden — Hjo Varmeteknik www.hjovarmeteknik.se Short technical discription Project:           Backgarden –Sweden – 1 Mw module + storage Loe lähemalt

In January 2015 we will launch 3 MW biofuel boiler plant in Laihia, Finland

Complete solution consists of 3 MW container boiler plant. Main fuels include milled peat and wood chips

a 3 MW biofuel container boiler was installed in Kauhava municipality (Finland)

The complex includes a 3 MW biofuel boiler and storage of biofuels Keith Walking Floor, including fuel supply and conveyor. The fuel used are wood chips and milled peat.